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Fantasio launches its 2nd EP, ‘Filatelie’

Fantasio - Filatelie (2016)

The electronic experimental project Fantasio from Timisoara has just launched its second EP at the end of this week. Titiled ‘Filatelie‘, the EP tells the story of 6 vintage Romanian stamps, in 6 beautiful instrumentals. Characterized by an even rawer sound than their 2014 debut, the ‘vintage’ DCAM Synth Squad sounds, the beat of the Korg Volca Beats and the special effects will quickly take you in a dark industrial soundscape, slowly but surely reveiling its misteries to you, the listener.

Take a listen to the tracks below:


1. ARO
2. Instalatii de Foraj
3. Eclipsa
4. Crucea Rosie
5. Inundatia
6. Nationalizarea

All songs written, recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by Cosmin Straut at DRS Music